90年代より文字をかくことを通して、ことばのまとう微細なニュアンスをとらえようと、Dual Letter/両面文字という、日本語と英語どちらにも読める独自の文字をつくりました。
また図と地ともに言葉があり、その二つのことばのあいだに真意をさぐる Non-Dual Letter を制作しています。
近年は長野県北部の仕事場で、拠点とする東京との二重生活 dual life の視点から、より絵画的表現もこころみています。

‘Daul Letter’, a unique lettering system created by Tohyama that can be read in both English and Japanese, is an ongoing project. Although her starting point was originally the creation of characters that read on both face and back, she has begun to believe that “the power of a word lies between two things, such as black and white, that is Non Dual”.

After she’s got her own atelier in Nagano prefecture in 2015, she has developed the idea and method. ‘The Compass’ and ‘Between You & Me’ were created out of the gap of her Dual Life between two places.